IRC Awards 2016 - Gold Medal

Laudation on Teruyuki Nakajima

The IRC 2016 Gold Medal was awarded to Teruyuki Nakajima of the University of Tokyo Japan.

Kuo-Nan Liou

Professor Nakajima: Currently the director, Earth Observation Research Center (EORC), Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo. Contributing to research for radiative transfer of the atmosphere and ocean, remote sensing of aerosol and cloud microphysics, and modeling study of anthropogenic aerosol effects to the earths climate. IPCC lead authors for TAR, AR5, and Special Report for Aviation. Past president of IRC; an officer of Joint Scientific Committee, WCRP; Serving as the secretary general of ICSU/International Association of Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences (IAMAS), associate member of Science Council of Japan, president of Atmospheric and Hydrospheric Sciences Section/Japan Geoscience Union, executive member of Japan Meteorological Society.