CIRC - Continuous Intercomparision of Radiation Codes

Co-Chair: Eli Mlawer
Co-Chair: Lazaros Oreopoulos


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CIRC is in many respects the successor to the seminal ICRCCM (Intercomparison of Radiation Codes in Climate Models) effort that spanned the late 80's - early 00's.

(1) is intended as an evolving and regularly updated permanent reference source for GCM-type radiative transfer (RT) code evaluation relative to line-by-line benchmarks that will help in the continued improvement of RT parameterizations.
(2) seeks to establish itself as the standard against which to document RT code performance in scientific publications and in coordinated joint modeling activities such as GCM intercomparisons.
(3) is distinguished from previous intercomparisons by the use of a case pool that is largely based on observations.

CIRC's current Co-Chairs are Eli Mlawer and Lazaros Oreopoulos.