GEB - Global Energy Balance

Co-Chair: Norman Loeb
Co-Chair: Martin Wild

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The working Group on the Global Energy balance was founded in 2009.


The main goals of this working group are the assessment of the magnitude and uncertainties of the components of the global energy balance, their decadal changes and underlying causes as well as their significance for other climate system components and climate change.

The working group, comprised of members who produce, disseminate and analyze surface and satellite data products relevant to the study of the Earth's energy balance, will also serve as a forum to discuss to what extent the datasets currently available to the scientific community are adequate for advancing the state of knowledge on the Earth's energy balance. Where appropriate, the working group will make recommendations highlighting areas where further work is needed (e.g., new datasets, new observations, etc.)

In order to achieve these goals, key responsibilities of the working group will be:

The detailed proposal of the working group on the Global Energy Balance can be downloaded here.