ICLAS - International Coordination group for Laser Atmospheric Studies

Chair: Alex Papayannis
http://iclas.hamptonu.edu/ (opens in new window)

ICLAS Charter and Purpose:

(1) To promote international research on the development, improvement, and use of lidars to increase our understanding of atmospheric (and other environmental) processes.

(2) To provide a forum for scientific exchange by organizing international conferences and workshops.

(3) To foster cooperation among and coordinate national associations of lidar researchers.

(4) To promote the organization of international lidar measurement campaigns or networks to study atmospheric species, processes, and trends.

Prior to 1984, the CLAS (Committee on Laser Atmospheric Sensing) group existed under the AMS. Desiring affiliation with an international organization, in 1984 M. Patrick McCormick, working with Jacqueline Lenoble (then IRC President), formed the ICLAS. Dr. McCormick served as the Chair of ICLAS through 1998.

ICLAS's current Chair is Prof. Dr. Alex PAPAYANNIS, Greece, 2015-2026.

ICLAS Working Group members are:

Doina NICOLAE, Romania, 2010-2016
Thomas McGEE , U.S.A., 2010-2016
Kohei MIZUTANI, Japan, 2010-2016
Yingjian WANG, China, 2010-2016
Kevin STRAWBRIDGE, Canada, 2012-2018
Eduardo LANDULFO Brazil, 2012-2018
Sergey BOBROVIKOV, Russia, 2012-2018
Fabien GILBERT, France, 2012-2018
Makoto ABO, Japan, 2012-2018
Ferdinando De TOMASI, Italy, 2012-2018
Dimitrios BALIS, Greece, 2015-2021
Xinzhao CHU, U.S.A., 2015-2021
Andreas FIX, Germany, 2015-2021

Executive Committee (includes current President):

Outgoing President: Upendra SINGH, U.S.A., 2008-2015
Treasurer: Patrick McCORMICK, No term limit