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IRC Officers for the term

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Title & Name Affiliation Country
Robert Cahalan

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center USA
Vice President
Werner Schmutz

PMOD and World Radiation Centre Switzerland
Byung-Ju Sohn

School of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Seoul National University

IRC Members for the term

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Name (Surname Family-name) Affiliation Country REG WGC RAP HON
Harold Annegarn University of Johannesburg South Africa Y
Teruo Aoki Meteorological Research Institute Japan Y
Mario Blumthaler Div. for Biomedical Physics
Innsbruck Medical University
Austria Y Y
Victoria Cachorro Dpto. de Optica y Fisica Aplicada, Universidad de Valladolid Spain Y
Paolo Di Girolamo Lidar Lab at DIFA (Departimento di Ingegneria e Fisica dell'Ambiente), Universita della Basilicata Italy Y
Oleg Dubovik LOA (Laboratoire d'Optique Atmospherique), Universite Lille France Y
Steve English ECMWF UK Y Y
Juergen Fischer Institut fur Weltraumwissenschaften (Space Studies), Freie Universitat Germany Y
Bruce Forgan Bureau of Meteorology Australia Y
Philippe Goloub LOA (Laboratoire d'Optique Atmospherique), Universite Lille France Y
Julian Groebner PMOD/WRC Switzerland Y Y
Tadahiro Hayasaka Radiation and Climate Physics Lab, Center for Atmospheric and Oceanic Studies Japan Y Y
Jim Haywood UK Met Office UK Y
Andrew Heidinger UWisconsin/CIMSS/NOAA USA Y
Vladimir Kostsov Research Institute of Physics, Saint Petersburg State University Russia Y
Allen Larar NASA Langley Research Center USA Y
Gin-Rong Liu Center for Space and Remote Sensing Research China-Taipei Y
Norman Loeb NASA Langley Research Center USA Y Y
Daren Lu Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences China Y
Andreas Macke Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research Germany Y
Alexander Marshak NASA GSFC USA Y Y
Guido Masiello SI (School of Engineering), University of Basilicata Italy Y
Bernhard Mayer Meteorologisches Institut Munchen Germany Y Y
Eli Mlawer Atmospheric and Environmental Research USA Y Y
Kehinde Ogunjobi Federal University of Technology at Akure Nigeria Y
Lazaros Oreopoulos NASA GSFC USA Y Y
Johannes Orphal Karlsruhe Inst. of Technology (KIT), Institute of Meteorology and Climate Research (IMK) Germany Y
Peter Pilewskie Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics
University of Colorado Boulder
Laurence Rothman Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics USA Y Y
Alexei Rublev Institute of Molecular Physics Russia Y
Clemens Simmer Meteorological Institute, University of Bonn Germany Y
Upendra Singh NASA Langley Research Center USA Y Y
Graeme Stephens CIRA (Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere), Colorado State University USA Y
Claudia Stubenrauch Laboratoire de Meteorologie Dynamique, Ecole Polytechnique France Y
Jean-Luc Widlowski European Commission, DG Joint Research Centre, Institute for Environment and Sustainability (IES), Global Environment Monitoring Unit (GEM) Italy Y Y
Martin Wild ETH Zurich, Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science Switzerland Y Y
Marcia Yamasoe Dept. of Atmospheric Science
Universidade de Sao Paulo
Brazil Y
Hua Zhang National Climate Center, China Meteorological Administration China Y