History of the IRC

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International Radiation Commissions 1896 to 2008 - Research into Atmospheric Radiation from IMO to IAMAS, IAMAS Publication Series No. 1, by Hans-Juergen Bolle

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IRC in brief
The International Radiation Commission constitutes the oldest grouping within IAMAS. Its development over more than a century is chronicled in this publication. The role of the IRC is to promote research into atmospheric radiation as well as application of that research to practical problems. This role is part of IAMAS concerning the earth-atmosphere system and the atmospheres of other planets and is performed in co-operation with all the IAMAS Commissions and with other appropriate bodies. Topics of concern to IRC include optical phenomena in the atmosphere, radiative properties of atmospheric constituents and of the earth's surface, radiative properties of planetary atmospheres, radiant energy transfer, radiant energy interaction with other features of the atmosphere (dynamics, climate etc.) and remote sensing of atmosphere and surface.